November 7th 2003
Place: Salle Multi de Méduse

Participant(s): Pierre Beaudoin, Sylvie Cotton, Patrice Duchesne, Steeve Lebrasseur, Hélène Matte, David Michaud, Devora Neumark, Karen Spencer, Christine St-Maur, Benoit Woo.

The word prescription normally associated with the health sector became a pretext to explore the destabilizing world of social prescription, the way in which we are prompted consciously or unconsciously to obey multiple forms of prescription each day of our lives. Each of the artists was asked to reflect on the idea of prescription, and to initiate an intervention in a loop which repeated itself over a period of two consecutive hours. As such, the artistic interventions –performative actions, sound and video
creations – were given to an audience that was invited to go around the loop several times.
Collaboration: La Bande vidéo, Coopérative Méduse