May 21 to 28 and May 25, 2018
May 21 to 28, 2018
At various Quebec City locations
May 25, 2018, 5 pm at Korrigane, 380 Rue Dorchester, Quebec CityQuebec City residents: Folie/Culture is here to remind you to open your eyes! Our POST- event is upon us: come one, come all to enjoy ambulatory performances, an architectural integration project in the heart of Saint-Roch and – watch for it! – a video invasion to counter the next wave of oppressive forces liable to crop up randomly when you least expect it!In the space of a few days, a plethora of artistic interventions will be pummelling Quebec City, reconstructing reality as you know it. It’s the before, the during, and the after, dreamed up by artists setting up camp in the here and now, throwing off the shackles of the POST- to reclaim, and rename, the present!

And we won’t stop there! On May 25 at 5 pm, Folie/Culture cordially invites you to Korrigane microbrewery for the POST- event. Enjoy presentations from artists Caroline Boileau and Nicole Panneton, a culmination of their work around the city. And since the spirit of Folie/Culture is both contagious and prodigious, Julien Lebargy and Antoine Lortie will present their plan to bury the earth and launch their start-up for the end of the world. Also on the bill are screenings of the videos selected for the Folie/Culture One Minute Video on the theme of POST-. Don’t miss it: It’s time to come out and reclaim your purchase on real experience in the physical world!

Today we find ourselves mired in the hegemony of POST-. Strangely, we add the word “post” before the concept it undermines, though in time it comes after. By this maneuver, the things we have “posted” cease to exist – they are declared obsolete. But this post- does not name anything new; it merely passes judgement on the past while pushing us toward a dead end.

This is the vexing question our artists have grappled with. Caroline Boileau and Nicole Panneton (Montreal), Julien Lebargy and Antoine Lortie (Quebec City), Wartin Pantois (Quebec City), and Jean-Michel Rolland (Marseille), as well as One Minute Video participants.

At the Korrigane, 380 Rue Dorchester, Quebec City, May 25, 2018, 5 pm.
Caroline Boileau and Nicole Panneton, Julien Lebargy and Antoine Lortie, and participants from 2018 Folie/Culture One Minute Video Gabrielle Bélanger (Québec), Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand (Québec), Stéphane Billot et Isabelle Crespo Rocha (France), Jean-François Brochu (Québec), Alexandre Demard (Québec), Les Enfants de Chienne (Montréal), Nadia-Malika Essalik (Québec), Élaine Frigon (Montréal), Annabelle Guimond Simard (Québec), Alphiya Joncas (Québec), Sophie Lauzé (Québec), Fred Lebrasseur (Québec), Arzhel Prioul (France) et Roxane Tremblay-Girard (Québec).

At various Quebec City locations for the entire week of May 21, 2018.
Caroline Boileau and Nicole Panneton, Wartin Pantois, and Jean-Michel Rolland.

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