Petit dictionnaire des idées reçues sur la folie et autres considérations

Fruit of a long collaborative effort among mental health workers, beneficiaries, and the production team, this publication has the same objectives of demystification, reflection, and openness that has characterised Folie/Culture over the years, but this time it uses humour and irony to undo some of the generally accepted ideas regarding the issues facing those with emotional problems. Some 263 entries, like so many ills that we try to resolve with words.

In a format as original as its content, the Petit dictionnaire can claim to be a true pocket dictionary. It can be consulted discretely even in the most embarrassing situations, because nobody is safe from a relapse… In fact, believing that you have no prejudices about what is trivially called madness is proof of a lack of understanding about the subject. Each page contains a part of a flipbook based on a work by Sylvie Cotton entitled Happy Fake, which deals with the “generalized prescription to always seem happy.”

With its bitter-sweet treatment, its unusual format, and its easy going style, the Petit dictionnaire des idées reçues sur la folie et autres considérations becomes a precious tool for soliciting debate, provoking discussions, and diminishing prejudice toward mental health.

Given the steady enthusiasm, and after two sold out re-printings, and 5,000 copies sold, Folie/Culture proceeded with a third printing of its little dictionary thanks to support from the Ministère de la Santé and des Services sociaux du Québec.

2005, 288 pages, 4 cm. high x 11.5 cm. x 1.5 cm.
ISBN 2-9804679-1-X

5 $