L’impression des regards – Paryse Martin

Topologie d’un récit (d’après Quand la nature fait naître des fictions)

Digital printing
56 x 76 cm

Given the success of Manhole Madness, Folie/Culture invited the artists to develop their projects by making a pictorial conception for use in the production of a print from the matrices of the original plate.

Paryse Martin’s Manhole Cover

In order to counter the expected, the déjà vu, the logic of the urban environment, the ordinary, Paryse Martin proposes an unusual, animated and turbulent look at nature to people out strolling and to passersby. Her manhole cover made up of five rabbits of different sizes, standing in descending order around the edge of the same circle is a spiral path that takes us from the conventional to the imaginary, an entry into the depths of magic and enchantment. Beyond allowing us the possibility to dream, to interpret, to build our own fiction, this attempt at poetisisation, turns away from the first function of an object and adds a singular value to it, making it a place of exception, half way between reality and wonder.

Québec artist, Paryse Martin has been exhibiting since the end of the 80s. Her works are included in several public collections: the Gabrielle-Roy library, the Banque National du Canada, Université de Sherbrooke, Université Laval, and others. She is presently completing a doctorate in practical arts studies (UQAM). Her practice is the result of bringing together moments where she has given of herself freely without counting the cost.  A baroque esthetic  lends a poetic aspect to her work. Marked by an excess of exaltation, her manoeuvres are not specific to one discipline. She is inspired essentially by the principle of plurality in both quality and quantity.

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