L’impression des regards – François Chevalier

Prière d’écraser

Wood engraving
56 x 76 cm

Given the success of Manhole Madness, Folie/Culture invited the artists to develop their projects by making a pictorial conception for use in the production of a print from the matrices of the original plate.

François Chevalier’s Manhole Cover

A plate on the ground blocks a manhole: beneath being, nothingness, as the existentialists would say. An impression of a fossilized creature is all that is left of its passage. The paradoxical energy of a captured insect catches our attention. And what is it looking at? At this fine line between life and death, its mad glance takes us in.

François Chevalier lives and works in Québec. Since obtaining his degree in fine arts at Université Laval in 1985, he has presented several one-man exhibitions, notably at the Chambre Blanche, at the à l’Œil de Poisson, at  Engramme, at la Galerie Lacerte and  at Orange in  Montréal as well as elsewhere in  Québec. In 2000, he participated in the Art Paris exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre and in 2001 in the collective Latinos del Norte in  Mexico.

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