L’extase / ecstasy 2011

Febuary 28th, 2011
Folie/Culture, an actual arts organisation that encourages reflection on issues related to mental health through unusual research, invites you to submit your most outlandish projects! You are a professional artist or artists collective and your ideas are surprising, extravagant, and indomitable? Does this catch your attention? Through its broad mandate, Folie/Culture encourages pluridisciplinarity, but it is also open to all artistic practices.

Spirituality, religion, and a search for the meaning of life are important notions for many people who are dealing with emotional problems. We would like to approach these conceptions through the theme of ecstasy. In the search for meaning, the answers come indiscriminately from pure reason or from deviations from reason. Well, what are the roads to ecstasy today? How do we name or explain the return of the religious, the spontaneous growth of new churches and sects, the physical practices of the exalted body, the refusal of reason, the upsurge in creationism in parallel with the exponential growth of social networks on the social web? We are supposing, with a touch of irony, that life is an ecstatic practice and that it would be interesting to explore others.

We are inviting you to send your proposals for :

1/Call for performance projects at the performance evening Extase, un chien écrasé qui scintille (Ecstasy, a flattened dog that glitters), planned for March 2012.


2 / Call for projects from all disciplines (excluding performance) for the International event Extase, la vie et autres pratiques extatiques, (Ecstasy, life, and other ecstatic practices), that will be held on October 18, 19 and 20, 2012.

The selection of the projects will take place during the fall of 2011. Folie/Culture will ensure the financing of the projects that are selected. Take note that we have neither rooms nor equipment for production or presentation, which requires us to work in close collaboration with others, and to reinvent venues.

Your file must contain : a résumé, a short biography, a description of your project, your artistic approach, a CD or DVD of recent works (maximum 10) as well as a pre-addressed stamped envelope. The deadline for the reception of your project is June 30, 2011.

Send your projects c/o :

Comité de programmation
281, rue De Saint-Vallier Est
Québec (Québec) G1K 3P5