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The Flag of Fools 2014

February 28 2014
Drapeau des fous

The Flag of Fools
As part of the Manif d’art 7 on the theme
Resistance — And Then, We Built New Forms

Folie/Culture invites all artists, crazies of no reputation and other fellows to propose a
Flag of Fools. All the flags will be displayed in the windows of the Sherpa building during the
Manif d’art 7.

Confirm your participation before: November 29 2013
Submit your flag before: February 28 2014, at Folie/Culture

Technical informations
Format: 60 cm high by 90 cm width (2D)
Permitted materials: All (except concrete…)
Particularity: unfortunately, no fee will be given

A flag expresses an affiliation to something. It symbolizes, with its simple design, an abstract idea. The Rainbow flag have been the symbol of the gay pride for 35 years. The anarchists too have their flag, object of resistance par excellence. Folie/Culture, with its irrepressible need to identify itself to a flag, announces the world first creation of a “Flag of Fools”.

This flag, unlike the usual familial, municipal, national or clannish flags, will allow anyone who “feels crazy” to finally have an emblem to which one can identify itself. In brief, a flag that doesn’t represent a definite state, but shows a mental state. A flag that doesn’t claim to have any affiliation to any group, but underlines an attitude towards reality.

All flags will be exhibited in the windows of the Sherpa building, Québec city :
The Flag of Fools
From May 4 to June 1st 2014
Sherpa — 130, boulevard Charest Est
Opening : May 4

People who confirmed their participation to the project : Danyèle Alain, Marie-Pier April, Adam
Bergeron, Carl Bouchard, Annie Brunette, Henri Louis Chalem, Colifichet, Audrée Demers-Roberge,
Martin Dufrasne, Flexib, Mathieu Gotti, Catherine Hébert, Frédérique Laliberté, Josée Landry Sirois,
Sylvie Larouche, Sarah L’Hérault, Hugo Nadeau, le collectif OscarIndiaRomeo, Marc-Antoine K.
Phaneuf, Alain-Martin Richard, Jocelyn Robert, Christine St-Maur, Sarah Smith, Giorgia Volpe, and…you?!

For information or inscription : 418 649-0999 ou