Launch of the catalogue Loser in Montréal

May 27th 2011
In collaboration with the RCAAQ, Folie/Culture presented the catalogue of the international event Loser during a BBQ at Le Port de tête bookstore in Montréal, on Friday, May 27, 2011. The authors Patrice Loubier and Christian Mistral and artists Annie Brunette, Danny Gaudreault and Suzanne Joly honoured us with their presence!

In the fall of 2009, Folie/Culture took on the concept of the loser by questioning the social conceptions of success. In a world where the latter is equivalent to the accumulation of wealth and where economic discourse dominates the others, those who do not fall into this mold are considered losers. The mad, the poor, and the marginalized are the super losers of a system that has no mercy for those who “fail” their lives.

In the publication, there are texts by Jacqueline Bouchard, Patrice Loubier, Christian Mistral, Alain-Martin Richard, and a mini comic strip by Denis Chiasson.