L’impression des regards – Laurent Gagnon

Cité suspendue

Wood engraving
51 x 76 cm

Given the success of Manhole Madness, Folie/Culture invited the artists to develop their projects by making a pictorial conception for use in the production of a print from the matrices of the original plate.

Laurent Gagnon’s Manhole Cover

The approach that Laurent Gagnon favoured in the creation of his manhole cover is inspired by automatic drawing. In this case, they are little drawings made up of horizontal, vertical, and oblique lines usually contained within a rectangle. These ornamental rectangles are developed in the form of boxes where other lines indicate the depth. The accumulation of these prisms forms complex designs. Strangely, the complex organisation of the designs and volume of the bas-relief evokes the texture of a tire.

Laurent Gagnon has a Master’s degree in visual arts from Universtié Laval. In 2006, he participated in a creation residency in Bordeaux and in Toulouse in association with Zébra 3 and Alaplage. The artist has also participated in several public events, for example CAFKA 05 X Industria in Kitchner, Ontario in 2005.  His works are included in several public and private collections. Laurent Gagnon has a curiosity for various artistic techniques; however, this eclectic point of view is unified through its density, determination, and attention to detail, which is the particular vocabulary of this artist.  

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