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Invitation: Introduction to Video Animation Workshop 2014

Deadline : February 7, 2014
Dessin tiré de l'animation réalisée lors de l'Atelier d'initiation à la vidéo d'animation 2013, monté par Ricardo Savard
Given its success in 2012 and 2013, Folie/Culture was pleased to once again offer the Introduction to Video Animation Workshop in 2014, in collaboration with the Musées de la civilisation de Québec. The workshop, led by Ricardo Savard, was held on February 19–21 and priority registration was given to people who have or have had a mental health problem.

Workshop participants first took part in a scriptwriting workshop led by author Isabelle Forest, then experimented with stop motion animation using Dragon Stop Motion software. Finally, in teams, they created short animated films which were shown at a public screening as part our 2014–2015 season.

Folie/Culture asked the participants to tackle the theme: Through and Through the Shop Window. The bay window delineates the real and symbolic splits between dichotomous worlds: inclusion/exclusion, private/public, insanity/sanity, healthcare workers/patients, etc. But depending on the light and the angle from which it is observed, the window reflects different images, belying this binary separation of worlds. In real life, insanity and sanity coexist; the treasures of consumer society are glorified in store windows, but also fill landfills, and artists and non-artists have similar sensibilities in their relationships with aesthetic experience.

Workshop Program

Writing Workshop with author Isabelle Forest: Writing exercises, discussion, and creating a script
Video introduction workshop with video artist Ricardo Savard: Project introduction, introduction to Dragon Stop Motion software, animation, sound capture and filming exercises