Folie/Culture is very fond of tap dance solos by barefooted vagrants, soap box races, straitjacket catwalks, apnea hymns and any other reckless take on the world of visual arts. In fact, the organization promotes the work of artists of all fields and calibres whose production reflects the result of original research and encourages reflection in regards to mental health issues.

The goals and concerns of Folie/Culture focus, on the one hand, on carrying out interdisciplinary art projects and, on the other hand, on raising awareness about mental health—and more precisely, on working towards the confluence of these two aspects.

As the proud owner of a nonexistant diffusion space, Folie/Culture organizes multifaceted events which take place in parking lots, commercial spaces, hotel rooms and any other unusual spaces. It firmly believes in attempts at bringing together social circulations in order to designate collectively similar intolerances, resistances and marginalizations.

Our creation strategy is to create annual themes that combine mental health issues and visual arts in order to raise questions about certain attitudes and to criticize approaches used in mental health and arts. To that end, Folie/Culture tends to work with artists, theorists and art enthusiasts who are ready to set off a flurry of ideas by supporting, producing, distributing and sharing their work.

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