Become Ecstatic! 2012

June 30, 2012
Whether you’re a psychotherapist, artist, BDSM master, Zen nun, athlete or plain ordinary person, Folie/Culture invited you to share your ecstatic practice or present your social, medical or spiritual conception of ecstasy.

As part of the event, Ecstasy, Life and Other Ecstatic Practices, Folie/Culture organized a round table that was open to every idea and experience. How do we talk about ecstasy, in both theoretical and practical senses? How do we express ecstasy in words, and thus, how does a conversation on ecstasy take shape?

With this question in mind, we wanted to give participants and the public an uplifting experience: To break free of the limits of scientific discourse and the often overly academic style of conferences and debates. The round table was at once more open in its form and more restrictive in its execution, with a series of three-minute micro-discussions unfolding in rapid succession.
This format encouraged an explosive synthesis of opinions and allowed eclectic participation methods to coexist, creating a true ecstasy of ideas.

To frame the conversation without necessarily restricting it, the following questions were asked to stimulate a variety of ideas on the subject. Potential participants were, therefore, encouraged to use all possible communication strategies to address them!

– Is ecstasy healthy?
– Can we still roar with ecstasy?
– Is ecstasy okay?
– How do you deal with ecstasy?
– Is ecstasy an illusion?
– Since ecstasy comes through intense physical experiences (physical pain, drugs, deprivation, sensory isolation, prayer, collective trance), is ecstasy physical or psychological?
– Can we live in an ecstatic state?
– Should we ban ecstatic practices?
– Is the body threatened by ecstasy?
– Can you describe a moment of ecstasy?
– Do animals feel ecstasy?
– What difference is there between Joan of Arc or Marie de l’Incarnation and a person with mental illness?
– Do ecstatic practices open new dimensions?
– Are ecstasy and society compatible?
– What good is ecstasy?