Extase, la bouche ouverte et on y voit la lumière

October 30, 2011
In collaboration with the Musée de la civilisation, Folie/Culture presented Extase, la bouche ouverte et on y voit la lumière, a multidisciplinary evening held in the chapel of the Musée de l’Amérique française on October 30, 2011 at 7:30 pm. As usual, there was a surprise for the public, which was invited to experience a truly “ecstatic experience“.

Artists from various backgrounds delivered performances with ecstatic overtones: Buddhist rituals, Inuit throat singing, sound interventions, musical improvisation, Gregorian chants and text reading were planned. Beatrice Deer and Alasie Sivuarapik, audio artist Érick d’Orion, musician Daniel Finzi, actors Marie-Ginette Guay and Paul Hébert, the Gregorian Schola Scandicus and Buddhist monks Lama Samten and Kousho Jamyang attended the evening.

Addressing spirituality, religion, and the quest for the meaning of life through the theme of ecstasy promises a rich exploration of feelings, thoughts and even revelations that would not leave anyone indifferent. In the search for meaning, the answers are either pure reason or reason adrift. Now, what roads lead to ecstasy today?

How do we name and describe the return of religion, the spontaneous generation of new churches and sects, physical practices of the exalted body, the rejection of reason, and the rise of creationism alongside the exponential growth of social networks on the Web? As passionate explorers, we hope to open new paths to ecstasy…