Exhibition of the Cahier Folie/Culture no 9-1-1

November 11th to 28th 2004
Place: Vitrines de la pharmacie Baron

Participant(s): Danyèle Alain, Sylvette Babin, Annie Baillargeon, Mathieu Beauséjour, Mélanie Bédard, Guy Blackburn, Mélissa Charest, François Chevalier, Eugénie Cliche, Sylvie Cotton, les sœurs Couture, Virginie Chrétien, Geneviève Crépeau, Doyon-Demers, Manon De Pauw, Nathalie Derome, Claudie Gagnon, Lucie Fortin, Johanne Huot, Steven Neill, Devora Neumark, Catherine Plaisance, Roger Pellerin, Jocelyn Robert, Jean-Philippe Roy, Natalie Roy, Carlos Ste-Marie, Raynald Tremblay, Ruth Veilleux, Benoît Woo.

Invited by Folie/Culture, thirty Québec artists transformed a household first-aid kit into one for mental health. Developed around the theme of prescriptions, these works constitute a unique body which testifies to the growing interest in the problem of prescriptive behaviour. In so doing, the works demonstrate the great variety in attitudes that exist toward the appropriation of the self as imagined by the participants.

The collection was presented in the window of the Pharmacie Baron, at the same time as an auction taking place over the Internet.

This edition was completed by the written and visual proposals of 19 collaborators selected after a public call for submissions, and a text by Gilles Arteau, guest author.

Texts: Anick Arsenault, Christine Bishara, Steeve Beaulieu, Jacqueline Bouchard, Tanya St-Pierre, André Marceau, Félix Michaud, Sylvie Nicolas, Johnny Raymond, Michel Viger.

Visual Proposals: Mireille Bourque, Suzanne Bruneau, Do Delaunay, Pierre Dunant, Valérie Guimond, Christof Migone, Martin Renaud, Sylvie Rousselle, Louise-Andrée Hétu.

Exceptionally, this Cahier Folie/Culture no 9-1-1—Trousse de premiers soins en santé mentale had a limited printing of 30 copies, which were sold through an auction on the Web site of Folie/Culture.
Collaboration: Pharmacie Baron