Through and through the shop window

September 25–28, 2014
Photo : Idra LabriePhoto : Folie/Culture Photo : Idra LabriePhoto : Idra Labrie
Multidisciplinary event
September 25–28, 2014
Downtown Quebec City

Multi-Venue Opening
Thursday, September 25, 2014, 5:00 pm
Starting at the Gabrielle-Roy Library
(350 Rue Saint-Joseph)

Folie/Culture strayed into the realm of perceptions, transitions and passages with Through and through the shop window, a four-day event featuring both extended and sporadic pop-up interactive installations, and a performance that reflects the liminal quality of the neighbourhood of Saint-Roch and the moment of passing through and through the shop window.

The shop window delineates the real and symbolic splits between dichotomous worlds: inclusion/exclusion, private/public, insanity/sanity, healthcare workers/patients, etc. But depending on the light and the angle from which it is observed, the window reflects different images, belying this binary separation of worlds. By passing from the rigid world of reality to the ever-changing image on the other side of the shop window, can we shatter the certainty and false security of insularity?

This was the question posed by artists Julie Bernier (Chicoutimi), Caroline Boileau (Montreal), Jocelyn Fiset (Mont-Saint-Hilaire), Stéphanie Lagueux and Jonathan L’Ecuyer (Terrebonne), Hélène Lefebvre (Ottawa), Hugo Nadeau (Montreal) and OscarIndiaRomeo (Quebec).

Through and through the shop window: A four-day, multidisciplinary event that subverts blunt divisions and separations by exploring fluid transitions across the barrier.

As a bonus, Folie/Culture offered a guided tour of the installations as part of Journées de la culture, at 2 pm on Saturday, September 27. The tour began in the lobby of the Place Jacques-Cartier complex (320 Rue Saint Joseph), then wended its way through downtown Quebec City.