Through and through the shop window – Sporadic performances

September 25–28, 2014
Caroline Boileau - Photo : Idra LabrieCaroline Boileau - Photo : Idra LabrieJocelyn Fiset - Photo : Idra LabrieJocelyn Fiset - Photo : Idra Labrie
Sporadic performances
September 25–28, 2014
Downtown Quebec City

Multi-Venue Opening
Thursday, September 25, 2014, 5 pm
Starting from the Gabrielle-Roy Library
(350 Rue Saint-Joseph Est)

Folie/Culture invited two artists to storm the streets! Jocelyn Fiset left her Marque de folie by painting illustrated slogans on shop windows along Rue Saint Joseph. Caroline Boileau, on the other hand, invited Saint Roch pedestrians to experience her Incubateur à textes et à dessins (Text and Drawing Incubator), which explored questions of mutual observation and proximity.

Caroline Boileau (Montreal) / L’incubateur à textes et à dessins
12 pm to 7 pm
Standing upright strapped to a transparent Plexiglas incubator, Caroline Boileau invited passersby to manipulate the texts and watercolours arranged inside the structure. Each “viewing,” required a renegotiation of the intimate relationship between artist and spectator, either in silence or out loud. In between hybrid half-woman, half-insect bodies, and drawings and short autobiographical fictions, was a whole lot of water, dripping and seeping everywhere.

Jocelyn Fiset (Mont-Saint-Hilaire) / Une marque de folie
Old and crazy ≠ young and crazy. Are you on the right side? What are your ideas? The shops of Rue Saint-Joseph had their windows covered in a series of socio-political and artistic illustrated slogans reflecting issues close to Folie/Culture’s heart. Jocelyn Fiset painted storefronts with random, allegorical and lyrical images to create colourful contrasting effects. The result? A dazzling, joyfully crazy street.