September 29th to October 3rd, 2002
Place: Dans les rues du centre-ville de Québec

Participant(s): Claudine Cotton, Les Fermières Obsédées, Isabelle Laverdière, Devora Neumark, Christine St-Maur.

This event, which took place for the most part around St. Joseph Streetin Québec, had as its pretext the remodelling of the downtown area, and the reconstitution of its social fabric. This was meant to question or to exchange metaphorically on the institutional responses related to the occupation of the urban territory. Folie/Culture wanted to solicit a reflection on the theme of dispossession, of the obligatory nomadism that echoes the situation of many people who suffer from mental health problems, and who are only too often deprived of their rights, their power, their space, and their surroundings.
The artists, Claudine Cotton, Isabelle Laverdière and Devora Neumark were invited to “inhabit” moving-vans that circulated around the downtown area while Les Fermières Obsédées and Christine St-Maur had taken up short term residence in two store-front windows on St. Joseph Street. In these transient lodgings, their interventions varied from the visual arts to a relational aesthetic and were made sometimes on site, or sometimes while moving around the city.
Collaboration: Armée du Salut, Centre Ozanam et PECH