Cahier Folie/Culture # 4

L(a r)encontre du conformisme
Against the encounter with conformity. Conformity never ceases to reassure us about our belonging to the community of well-wishers. We only have to imagine what the world would be like, if under the effect of an unexpected disorder, we lost sight of what we think should be human behaviour … God and the police forbid! This fourth issue of the Cahier examines whatever overflows. It is dedicated to the late Pierre Carpentier and Josée Yvon.

1994, 40.5 cm. x 53 cm.
15 sheets, recto, b/w, sewn
Case made of sponge under-carpet, attached with an elastic
22 texts by authors including J. Yvon, G. Gervais, M. Sylvestre
19 illustrations including those by R. Ste-Marie, N. Derome, J. Tremblay

15 $