Cahier Folie/Culture # 2


A new editorial direction significantly changed the presentation toward that of an art object. This is a non-restrictive exploration of certain kinds of confinement. The historical presence of the madman in institutions is of course the starting point of this Cahier; however, it spills over and questions the places and social processes where control resides. It echoes different manners of both repression and liberation.

23 texts by authors including Patrice Desbiens, pierre hamelin, Michaël La Chance

15 illustrations including those of Pierre Carpentier, Jocelyn Robert, Jean-Claude Gagnon

1991, 28 cm. x 22 cm.
43 sheets b/w, recto-verso, non-assembled
29 cm. x 22 cm. x 2 cm. box, metal and felt, attached with an elastic


100 $