Blogueurs en captivité (Bloggers in Captivity) in Montréal – Adam Bergeron

Adam Bergeron’s Blog

Folie/Culture teamed up with DARE-DARE, a Montreal multidisciplinary artist-run centre, to present Blogueurs en captivité (Bloggers in Captivity). Invited artists Adam Bergeron (Quebec City) and karen elaine spencer (Montreal) accepted the challenge of being held captive and experiencing alienation for the three-day event, held on the esplanade of Saint-Laurent Metro station.

Adam Bergeron is an emerging artist who works with the sounds and the byproducts of domestic life to question conventions of taste, style, and normative categories. Rather than an asocial desire to offer a calming balm for tired businesspeople, his work seeks instead to wake the public up to the widespread anxiety of our historical moment, symptomatic of globalized capitalism in perpetual crisis with no end in sight…

This project was made possible by the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.